Are you ready to (finally!) create the life of your dreams, make money doing what you love and 
get incredible support during the journey?
Then I invite you to join the Support is Sexy Inner CIRCLE!
The Support is Sexy CIRCLE is a powerful, six-month group-coaching accelerator for women like you, who are ready to go the next level in your life, create a business you love and joyfully generate income.
To keep the CIRCLE intimate, limited spots are available.
What if you could learn how to...
  • Get real about what you really, really want (without judgment)! 
  • Step into your power, level-up your mindset and leave limiting beliefs behind. 
  • ​Determine your zone of genius and narrow in on your niche.
  • ​Outline your vision for your life and your business. 
  • ​Work collaboratively with a supportive coach and team who get you, and come up with a plan for success.
  • ​Price your products and services to match the value you're offering and charge what you deserve.
  • ​Grow your platform, become more visible and create more opportunities!
  • ​Set stretch goals, stick to them with daily accountability and see results!
  • ​Create a business you love and joyfully generate income!
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    • SUPPORT: It is our TOP PRIORITY for you. For real! We're confident you are a generous woman, who already knows how to give support. In the SiS CIRCLE accelerator, you will be reminded as many times as needed to learn how to accept it. Why? Because you deserve it! Plus, the wisest women know that it takes a village. The CIRCLE is your village.
    • ​Become Who You're MEANT To Be:  It's time to stop pretending! What do you really, really want to create in your life? No, REALLY! In your SiS CIRCLE -- a safe, judgment-free environment for sharing your true dreams and your vision for your life -- you will be encouraged to become who you're meant to be; not who you're told you're "supposed" to be. Because it's hard to be it if you can't even SAY IT!
    • Surround yourself with likeminded, supportive women: Become a part of an intimate, hand-selected group of supportive women entrepreneurs who -- like you! -- are in the pre-launch or early stage of their business, who are ready to take it to the next level, and who are open to discovering what that next level is! (It's okay to not know the answers. That's why we're here: to help you figure it out and to come up with strategies to help you move forward!)
    • Level up your mindset: Letting go of limiting beliefs and leveling up is tough -- I get it! That's why every single week during the six month accelerator, we'll start off our group coaching calls with a lesson related to mindset that you can apply to your business and your life. You will be challenged to put that lesson into practice throughout the week.
    • Determine your niche and optimize your zone of genius: Through a series of exercises, market analysis, considering what kind of business you're passionate about creating and what your talents are -- those you know of and some you may not realize -- we'll determine your niche, refine your business, define your ideal client avatar, and come up with a strategy for reaching them.
    • ​Accountability, love, support and gentle nudges to push you outside of your comfort zone and into your power:  My team and I have your back throughout the accelerator and will not leave you hanging to do it on your own. (You've done that enough! ) We're there with smart strategies and advice based on years of real-world experience as entrepreneurs and best practices collected from my interviews with 450+ other top women entrepreneurs to help you reach your goals, hold you accountable and navigate the roadblocks.
    • Meet your challenges like a BOSS: Twice a month you'll receive challenges specific to your business that are intended to help you stretch and move you that much closer to your goal. Challenges occur in two-week sprints and will be tracked to measure your success and course-correct as needed. 
    • ​Get access to the experts:​ You'll have access to exclusive, live masterclasses featuring leading women entrepreneurs and thinkers, who will come share their expertise with our Circle and answer your questions live and in real-time!
    • Tap into exclusive content in your private SiS Circle library: Every woman on a mission needs her very own toolbox that she can access anytime! In your private library, you'll have access to replays of all of our masterclasses, audio trainings, downloadable resources for your business, exclusive podcasts recorded just for the Circle and more!
    • ​Get DAILY interactions and support, including:
    • ​Transformational Group Coaching Calls 3x Per Week: On our transformational group coaching calls each Monday, Wednesday and Friday morning, we discuss your wins and your lessons, review your assigned challenges, determine your commitments to help you reach your goals and -- along with your SiSter Circle -- provide feedback and support. We'll also outline action steps to move you forward.
    • ​Check-ins, Q&As and chats in our private SiS Circle group 2x per week: On Tuesday and Thursday, we're there to answer your questions in our private, members-only community. Post any time and we'll get back to you with insight. Don't worry, you're never alone on this journey!
    See what other women in the Support is Sexy INNER CIRCLE say!
    "Your support for us had been immeasurable. You have pushed us to do things that we would never have done on our own. This group is very special. And as I see it, we will have life long friendships and silent partnerships in each other’s businesses."

    -- Dr. Traci Baxley, CEO of BrownSchooling and Creator of Social Justice Parenting
    "I don't have enough words to describe this immense be connected with women, who truly see you and want you to excel, and who are in your corner not only during the great moments but also those not so great. Elayne, what you have started here can not be measured by price. You don't know how much you've propelled each of us into our calling by simply walking into your own. Thank you so much for investing in this work and us like you do. I have every confidence in the world that greatness awaits for each of us."

    -- Yana Reynolds, Founder of Levels to Launch

    The support in the Support is Sexy CIRCLE is incredible. Elayne is a supportive leader, who helps you to see your value and gives you the confidence to ask for the money that you deserve.  Plus, I have enjoyed the friendships I've made as a result of this CIRCLE, and I will always be there to support these women where I can.

    -- Wahne Tubman, Founder of Soul Balm Sisters
    Elayne Fluker goes above and beyond for every Support is Sexy CIRCLE member! The daily coaching calls and bi-weekly goals have been game-changers for me! In addition to receiving the accountability for my business goals, I’ve created some lifetime friendships! I’m grateful that I joined this coaching program. Elayne is the best business coach for women entrepreneurs!

    -- Keesha Johnson, Founder, My Mission To Escape
    Dr. Traci Palmer Baxley, TEDx Speaker, Creator of Social Justice Parenting, Parenting Coach and Corporate Diversity Expert 
    Yana Reynolds, Co-Host of Melanated Conversations podcast and creator of Literally Yana.
    Keesha Johnson, Business Operations Special, Pinterest Strategist and Creator of My Mission to Escape.
    Wahne Tubman, Creator of SoulBalm Sisters bath bombs
    Meet Your Coach: Elayne Fluker!
    Hey, SiS!
    I'm Elayne Fluker, your business coach + connector! I lead the Support is Sexy INNER CIRCLE, a six-month group coaching accelerator for women like you, who are serious about finally creating a business you love and joyfully generating income! I also host of the Support is Sexy podcast, featuring conversations with more than 450 women entrepreneurs around the world. I'm happy you're here!

    After 20+ years as a journalist, producer and content creator working with some of the biggest media outlets in the world, including Conde Nast, People, Martha Stewart, Huff Post, Essence and more, I decided to create my own media platform -- and, as a result, my own thriving business. The Support is Sexy podcast, the community and the Support is Sexy CIRCLE exists for women entrepreneurs like you. Because you're like ME! 

    You want to do work you're passionate about and proud of, and you want to create a business that makes great money and that's meaningful to the world. You also want to hear wisdom from women entrepreneurs, who have done it and who are generous with what worked and honest about what didn't.

    Through the SiS CIRCLE -- an intimate collective of women entrepreneurs, who are launching, growing or reinventing their businesses -- I pull from my experience as an entrepreneur, my 20+ years of expertise and contacts in media, and beyond, and all the knowledge and best practices collected during those 450+ podcast interviews, and I share all that with you. Plus, I believe in bringing in experts to share their insights with you as well. Along with that, accountability and support are my JAM, so I will not give up on you and will not let you give up on yourself!

    With support, accountability, challenges to make you stretch and smart strategies for success, I know you can be UNSTOPPABLE! So, let's have some fun and create a successful business you love!
    Let’s face it: When you’re going to the next level or creating a new thing in your life, it’s likely you're going to shake up the world around you. There may be people — even those who love you — who just aren’t ready for you to change although YOU’RE READY! That’s why, as women, we must have sisters in our corner who hold us to our highest with love, support, fresh ideas and accountability. 

    That’s what the Support is Sexy INNER CIRCLE is all about! 

    With a combination of group coaching, weekly challenges related to your specific goals and a focus on mindset, strategies for success, branding, making connections and more, you’ll see results like you never have before!

    Don't let another year of unfulfilled dreams pass you by!
    00 Years 00 Months 00 Weeks 00 Days 00 Hours 00 Minutes 00 Seconds
    (Price increases to $498 on December 2nd, 2019.)
    Enrollment closes January 1, 2020 at 11:59 pm EST.
    Who is a great fit for the Support is Sexy CIRCLE?
    The CIRCLE could be a great fit for you if:  1) You are a woman who has an idea for a business inside of you, but you have yet to launch because you're feeling stuck, afraid or uncertain about your next move; 2) You have a business started, but you're having trouble growing and you're not sure why; 3) You are a career woman who is reinventing for your next act through entrepreneurship and you're don't know where to start. If this is you, then the Support is Sexy CIRCLE could be your new home for the next six months! We'll help you determine your niche, discover your specialties, say good-bye to those limiting beliefs and provide you wth the support that both cheers you on and challenges you when you need it. All applicants are personally interviewed by Elayne Fluker to ensure the program is a great fit for you!
    Who is NOT a good fit for the Support is Sexy CIRCLE?
    If you are a woman who has your business rocking and rolling, you're generating six figures in revenue an you're happy with where you are in your business and in life, first of all: that's amazing! Congratulations! Second, the CIRCLE might not be the best option for you because the women in this accelerator are in the early stages of their business, including the idea stage, or they are generating up to five figures and want to learn strategies to grow. However, you are not alone! If you'd like to book a strategy session with me, do a deep dive and talk about ways to grow your business and increase your visibility, PLEASE CLICK HERE and let's get some time scheduled together
    How long and how frequent are the group coaching calls? And what happens if I miss one?
    All calls are up to 60 minutes in length:
    Coaching and training calls take place Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 6:30am EST and at 12:30pm EST for those who can't make the 6:30am calls. Decide which time is best for you. (If you miss a call, don't worry, recordings will be available after each group coaching call. However, you are expected to be on the daily calls live each Monday, Wednesday and Friday as often as possible so you can ask questions and get feedback in real-time.)
    What are hot seats?
    A hot-seat session means that you can request that all attention be on you for a portion of the call, so the group can support you with your question and offer feedback. You have the opportunity to request a hot seat beforehand, and during that time, we can talk through any challenges, get feedback, or discuss any other topics you need to share. Again, hot seats must be requested and are all pre-scheduled.
    What if I want a private consultation with Elayne?
    Need some extra support? No worries! You can absolutely schedule some time to have a deep-dive strategy session with Elayne Fluker, where you have the chance to discuss a particular topic or challenge related to your business and work through the idea together. ONE HOUR STRATEGY SESSIONS ARE AN ADDITIONAL INVESTMENT PER CALL, AND MAY BE SCHEDULED BY CLICKING HERE. Or if you need a "booster call" -- where you get some additional support with whatever you're working on within the group FOR 40 minutes  -- click here to schedule a 40-minute BOOSTER CALL with Elayne.
    What date does the 2020 accelerator begin?
    Enrollment closes on January 1, 2020. Our kickoff call is Monday, January 6, 2020 AT 6:30am EST and 12:30pm EST! Choose the time that works best for you!
    What's the cancellation policy?
    No refunds are available. However, you may cancel at anytime and halt all future charges. If you cancel after a monthly payment has been deducted from your account, you will continue to have access to the Support is Sexy library of content until the end of the month.  (Your initial payment of $298 to hold your spot in the Support is Sexy Circle is non-refundable.)
    Why is the Support is Sexy CIRCLE a six-month coaching program?
    As much as we want them to, your dreams won't happen overnight. It takes commitment, consistency and a crew (that would be us!), who provide you with regular insight, accountability, support and strategy to launch or grow your business. The early days can be some of the toughest. You're not only building or growing a new business, you are removing some of the mindset blocks that get in the way and becoming a new YOU. This personal development takes time, and our team is committed to giving you the tools, resources and structure you need to develop new habits, shift your mindset as much as needed, and build a strong foundation during our six months together.
    Can I continue in the SiS Circle after six months?
    We'd love to continue to work with you! After your six months in the CIRCLE, you will graduate to the Support is Sexy TRIBE,  one of my other elite coaching programs, where you will continue to have access to live, monthly coaching calls with me, support from my team,  a network of likeminded women entrepreneurs to support you, and exclusive workshops and trainings. (Members of the Support is Sexy TRIBE must complete the six-month Support is Sexy CIRCLE accelerator.)  
    Can you guarantee me results?
    While we can not guarantee specific results or success, we believe this high-touch support and accountability through a structured program -- combined with your diligent work, your commitment, your willingness to stretch and to be coachable -- will position you to truly create a sustainable business you love. (And check out the results we've celebrated with women here who have given testimonials above on the impact of the CIRCLE!)
    How do I get my questions answered during the accelerator?
    In addition to having the opportunity to ask questions during our live group coaching calls every Monday, Wednesday and Friday,, you can ask questions at ay time in our private membership group, or during scheduled Q&A sessions.
    What if I still have questions about becoming a member of the CIRCLE?
    No problem! Feel free to email us at and we'll be in touch!
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