Elayne Fluker is host of the Support is Sexy podcast and creator of GIRL ON PODCAST. She has worked in media as a writer, editor and producer for more than 20 years at some of the industry's most prominent outlets.
Your Voice Matters
Hi there! I'm Elayne, creator of GIRL ON PODCAST and host of the popular Support is Sexy podcast, which features more than 300 successful women entrepreneurs around the world, and has listeners in 130 countries.

Today, it's more important than ever that women let their voices be heard. Now is not the time to shrink, now is the time to claim your space! Podcasts offer you the opportunity to do just that, on both sides of the mic!

As an inspiring podcast guest: You can easily share your message with thousands and establish yourself as a thought leader! What's important is that you connect with podcasts that align with your mission and brand.

As an incredible podcast host: You get to create your very own platform and become an authority in your space. Having amazing guests only helps you make each episode that much more compelling!

This is where GIRL ON PODCAST comes in! We are a podcast booking service for women, that connects powerful women podcast hosts with brilliant women podcast guests -- making the process of finding each other and collaborating easier and most beneficial for both sides!

Whether you're a podcaster or you want to be a podcast guest, click below on the button that's just for you, and see how GIRL ON PODCAST can help!
If you're a podcast guest...
You're busy -- super busy -- and we totally get that! You're running your business, juggling all of your responsibilities and doing your best to manage your time effectively. Something that you've been telling yourself you need to do more of, though, is spread the word about your business beyond social media.

Thing is: You may not have the contacts for major media outlets and you don't have time to listen to thousands of podcasts to determine which ones to pitch. And who has time for all of that follow up?!

Don't worry! You do not have to miss out on the amazing opportunity to connect with thousands of listeners around the world via podcasts.

At GIRL ON PODCAST, we have a proprietary database of hundreds of women-led podcasts, and we pitch you to podcasts that make the most sense for your brand. We also handle all the details to get you booked and prepped for your interview!

Podcast guesting is a proven strategy that allows you to share your expertise with new audiences, generate leads, grow your email list, raise awareness for your brand, promote your products and services, launch your new book and establish yourself as a thought leader -- all from the comfort of wherever you are!

"Your support in connecting me with quality podcasts to be featured on was a major benefit to starting my 2018 off with a visibility bang! I have literally been on two interviews a week based on your recommendations and introductions, and I am receiving calls for more podcasts day by day. As a result, I have increased my newsletter list and made some powerful connections to support my goals (as well as some new friends). 

Thank you, Elayne, for being such a powerful supporter and connector. 
You have that "O" Oprah effect!"
~ Lucinda Cross-Otiti, PresIDENT, Activate Worldwide
If you're a podcast host...
As a podcast host who has personally booked more than 300 fantastic women from all around the world as guests on my Support is Sexy podcast, I know  that finding great guests and getting them to appear on your show can sometimes be difficult and way too time-consuming, right?

Not to mention, you want all of your guests to be well-qualified and well-prepped for your interview. Otherwise the experience is just painful for you both!

By joining the GIRL ON PODCAST database of top women podcasters, you will have access to a hand-selected group of the best and brightest women across all industries to be guests on your podcast, and you'll get insider podcast tips and resources. 

We help take the hassle out of booking, so you can focus on being your best for your show!

PLUS, you can rest assured each guest pitched to you by GIRL ON PODCAST is professional, prepped and ready to share her expertise with ease.

Click to JOIN GIRL ON PODCAST FOR FREE! (And as a bonus, you'll become a part of our community of women podcasters who support each other!) 
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